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Put your media player of choice on shuffle.
The first song is the overall theme for the Apocalypse.
The second song is the one that plays during your first zombie kill.
The third song plays while you're getting chased by a Horde.
The fourth song plays while you're being forced to kill your loved one.
The fifth song plays when you find your new love interest.
The sixth song plays when you make your final stand.
The seventh song plays when you (think you) make it through it all.
The eighth song plays when you discover a bite mark on you.

Overall Theme: Stromkern - The City
Creepy instrumental with samples about trying to make it home without dying or finding everyone dead. Main repeated sample: "This goddamn city..." So far, so fitting.

First Kill: PIG - The Fountain of Miracles
Like every other PIG song, brutal and violent and angry. Talks about a group, so I'm guessing the first fight caught us unawares, and we murdered our way through a crowd. Initial plans mostly worked out. Clearly nothing good will come of this.

Being Chased: Rosetta Stone - Nothing
At this point I begin to wonder about my own music collection. Considering the song is about getting the better of someone, and the refrain repeatedly says "you're touching on nothing..." I'm guessing this is one of those chase scenes where it cuts between two groups, and in the end, group B finds out they were a glorified distraction. I am not a nice person in the zombpocalypse.

Killing a Loved One: Sisters of Mercy - When You Don't See Me
Continuing you the trend of me not being a good person. This song sounds like we found out one of our survivors was bitten. There's arguments about what that means, if they're going to turn, or if that's just us being too genre savvy. The argument goes toward murdering them, and before it can go much further, shooting them to end it. Harsh, and likely further damaging to morale. I am probably being plotted against by now.

New Love Interest: The Prodigy - Voodoo People
...I really cannot wrap my head around this song as anything related to a love interest, unless you're trying to tell me I'm a psychotic murderer by this point, or something. Maybe it's hatesex? Maybe it's just a relationship based on mutual fondness for murder of undead? One thing is for certain: I make a terrible protagonist.

Final Stand: Apoptygma Berzerk - Soultaker
By this point, the plan to get out of the city has been hatched. The cast is frantically trying to get things working, an escape vehicle. The city is probably going to be nuked. This scene probably cost as much as the rest of the film to shoot.

Fake-Out Ending: Interlace - Soul of a New Machine
Granted, considering the opening lines of the song are "Every passion/Demands a sacrifice" that isn't much of a fake-out ending. I'm guessing whatever we were going for, some kind of plane or train or bus or other vehicle's working. This is the moment of catching our breath and whatnot right before leaping on-board, as the hordes of undead begin to grow in numbers, drawn by the sound.

Discovering the Bite: Koji Kikkawa - Nobody's Perfect
And here I thought I was going to get away with doing a music meme and iTunes on random without it outing me as a giant goddamn nerd. Shows what I know.

As the cast barrels onto the mcguffin, I'm guessing this is when I either get bit, or realize I got bit. And considering what happened to the last guy, there's only one solution to that: close the door in front of me, turn around, and commit suicide by zombie. Sure, I might be a vicious murderer who's not shown anyone an ounce of sympathy, but, hell. I'm not a hypocrite.
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Studies in Fiction
Margaret Atwood: "Happy Endings"
Albert Camus: "The Guest"
Joseph Conrad: The Secret Agent
Nikolai Gogol: "The Overcoat"
Nadine Gordimer: "Some are Born to Sweet Delight"
Ernest Hemingway: "Hills like White Elephants"
James Joyce: "Araby"
James Joyce: "The Dead"
Franz Kafka: The Metamorphosis
Herman Meville: "Bartleby, the Scrivner"
Alice Munro: "Miles City, Montana"
Flannery O'Connor: "A Good Man is Hard to Find"
Flannery O'Connor: "Good Country People"
Frank O'Connor: "Guests of the Nation"
Leslie Marmon Silko: "Yellow Woman"
Helena Maria Viramontes: "The Moths"
Virginia Woolf: Mrs. Dalloway

Theory of Vampires Literature

Jacob and Willhelm Grimm: "Rottkapchen"
Sheridan Le Fanu: "Carmilla"
Charles Perrault: "Little Red Riding Hood"
John Polidori: "The Vampyre"
Bram Stoker: Dracula

Stephen D. Arata: "The Occidental Tourist: Dracula and the Anxiety of Reverse Colonization"
Mathew Arnold: The Function of Criticism at the Present Time (excerpt)
Nina Auerbach: Woman and the Demon: The Life of a Victorian Myth (excerpt)
Mikhail Bakhtin: The Dialogic Imagination (excerpt)
Walter Benjamin: "The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction"
John Berger: Ways of Seeing (excerpt)
Joseph S. Bierman: "Dracula: Prolonged Childhood Illness and Oral Triad"
Sue Ellen Case: "Tracking the Vampire"
Aime Cesaire: Discourse on Colonialism (excerpt)
James Donald: "What's at Stake in Vampire Films: The Pedagogy of Monsters"
Terry Eagleton: Literary Theory: An Introduction (excerpt)
Terry Eagleton: Marxism and Literary Criticism (excerpt)
Frantz Fanon: Black Skin, White Masks (excerpt)
Michel Foucault: A History of Sexuality (excerpt)
Ken Gelder: "Vampires and Cinema: From Nosferatu to Bram Stoker's Dracula"
Rene Girard: Violence and the Sacred (excerpts)
Christopher Graft: "Kiss Me with Those Red Lips: Gender and Inversion in Bram Stoker's Dracula"
Jeremy Hawthorne: "Theories of the Gaze"
Julia Kristeva: "Powers of Horror: An Essay on Abjection"
Ania Loomba: Colonialism/Postcolonialism (excerpt)
Franco Moretti: "The Dialectic of Fear"
Laura Mulvey: "Visual Pleasure and the Narrative Cinema"
Daniel Pick: "Terrors of the Night: Dracula and 'degeneration' in the late nineteenth century"
Rebecca A. Pope: "Writing and Biting in Dracula"
Vladimir Propp: Morphology of the Folktale (excerpt)
Tony Purvis: "Sexualities"
Maurice Richardson: "The Psychoanalysis of Ghost Stories"
Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick: Between Men: English Literature and the Male Homosexual Desire (excerpts)
Elaine Showalter: "Syphilis, Sexuality, and the fiction of Fin de Siecel"
Kathleen Spencer: "Purity and Danger: Dracula, The Urban Gothic, and The Late Victorian Degeneracy Crisis"
Tzetvan Todorov: The Fantastic: A Structural Approach to a Literary Genre (excerpts)
Fiona Tolan: "Feminisms"
Jennifer Wicke: "Vampiric Typewriting: Dracula and it's Media"
Anne Williams: "Dracula: Si(g)ns of the Father"

Francis Ford Coppola: Bram Stoker’s Dracula
E. Elias Merhige: Shadow of the Vampire
Guillermo del Toro: Cronos
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Nothing really to say. Holidays didn't really offer downtime as much as they just gave me a new type of mania to focus on. There were some bright spots - visiting Mike and Robyn - but lately my world feels like it's going too fast for me.

I hate to say something trite like, "I feel like I'm going nuts" but I feel like I've lost a grip on a lot of things. Local life is better than before, sure, but I kind of feel like I don't know the people I knew online anymore. When I do get the time to talk to people, I feel like I have either nothing to say or, lately, like I don't know how to anymore. Living ghost, kind of. It's unsettling.

Maybe the semester next week will fix this.
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Mix for this weekend's trip with Matt and Shaun.

Playlists under cut. )
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As Mike and Robyn have recently seen, I've been trying to help another mutual friend of ours get into the industrial/EBM/spooky genres of music. To this end, Matt and I have been doing "primers" for lack of a better term - collections of music by a single band, to see which bands and which albums he likes. I try to mostly hit singles and collections, but I'm curious to see what you all think of them so far. They're under individual cuts, to make them easier to jump to.

Volume 01: KMFDM )

Volume 02: Skinny Puppy )

Volume 03: Ministry )

Volume 04: Seabound )

Volume 05: VNV Nation )

Volume 06: Covenant )

Volume 07: Apoptygma Berzerk )
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So, a few of my other friends have started doing posts to introduce themselves to Dreamwidth, even though I think I've known or internet-known everyone on my list for years. But hell, I need to get in the habit of using this thing.

I'm a college student. I attend the University of Houston at Downtown, currently, and am transferring over to the main campus when I've gotten a few survey courses out of the way. I am an English major, and I am entertaining the notion of law school. I've also entertained the idea of teaching, either in Title I schools, or abroad. I have very exact ideas about so many things, while others I feel I can't allow myself to be anything more than vague about.

I fancy myself a writer, and a musician, even if I've done nothing of note with either hobby in years. I am a voracious reader in the brief interim periods between semesters, but can't bring myself to read much during the school year proper. I've accepted that one day I'll either have to bang out one of these ideas I've had floating around for years into a full novel, or just accept that it'll never happen. I'm leaning toward the former.

I'm a nerd, though it's something that I've gotten less and less interested in as time has gone on. These days, I mostly just play video games, watch bad sci-fi and horror movies when I've had a couple drinks, and delve into role-playing games with a few internet friends. Though, as much as I do enjoy that last one, that hobby's died off tremendously as college has begun to take up more and more of my time.

My tastes otherwise tend to run toward the strange: I like Islay scotches, filterless cigarettes, loud stompy music, arthouse films, post-modernist literature, and a bunch of things that will no doubt make both those nearest and dearest to me and strangers alike think I'm a complete prick.

And I admit, I feel kind of awkward here, as everyone else who has done this has had issues of their struggles with mental health or their discovery of an alternate sexual identity to write about, and I have none of these. I am a rather boring working-class white boy, all told. I suppose I could whine about crazy exes, some rather shady people I've known in my day, or something similar, but all told, I've been able to either enjoy those experiences, or taking something away from them. Life is interesting. I'll start worrying when it isn't.
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Ten song lyrics, taken at random, from my collection. No Google, see what you know.

01. Give me another one and take my old regrets. Can't stay always alone. Why don't you feel the beat?
02. Not forgetting what it means to dream, indulging everything.
03. Even if fear remains tomorrow, or if everything goes away, we can't combine.
04. You're like a steroid crazed bodybuilder, thin-skinned and vain.
05. I broke the silence. I rose the volume. Hunted the hunters and nobody cared.
06. For lunch that's all you get to taste, poverty and spit.
07. The rain falls hard on a humdrum town. This town has dragged you down.
08. He'd worked on the ferry for 23 years and a day, Taking the junkies and the babies and the corpses to Spain.
09. I had everything in my reach. I had money and stuff, each and every call.
10. I wandered around for twenty-five years and still haven't found what I am searching for.

Goddamn my tastes are eclectic when Shuffle gets involved.
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Opened my LiveJournal back when it required an invite code. Now I find myself on a new blogging site, requiring one.

Seems fitting.


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