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Ten song lyrics, taken at random, from my collection. No Google, see what you know.

01. Give me another one and take my old regrets. Can't stay always alone. Why don't you feel the beat?
02. Not forgetting what it means to dream, indulging everything.
03. Even if fear remains tomorrow, or if everything goes away, we can't combine.
04. You're like a steroid crazed bodybuilder, thin-skinned and vain.
05. I broke the silence. I rose the volume. Hunted the hunters and nobody cared.
06. For lunch that's all you get to taste, poverty and spit.
07. The rain falls hard on a humdrum town. This town has dragged you down.
08. He'd worked on the ferry for 23 years and a day, Taking the junkies and the babies and the corpses to Spain.
09. I had everything in my reach. I had money and stuff, each and every call.
10. I wandered around for twenty-five years and still haven't found what I am searching for.

Goddamn my tastes are eclectic when Shuffle gets involved.
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onefivenine: Photograph of a solar eclipse. (Default)
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