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So, a few of my other friends have started doing posts to introduce themselves to Dreamwidth, even though I think I've known or internet-known everyone on my list for years. But hell, I need to get in the habit of using this thing.

I'm a college student. I attend the University of Houston at Downtown, currently, and am transferring over to the main campus when I've gotten a few survey courses out of the way. I am an English major, and I am entertaining the notion of law school. I've also entertained the idea of teaching, either in Title I schools, or abroad. I have very exact ideas about so many things, while others I feel I can't allow myself to be anything more than vague about.

I fancy myself a writer, and a musician, even if I've done nothing of note with either hobby in years. I am a voracious reader in the brief interim periods between semesters, but can't bring myself to read much during the school year proper. I've accepted that one day I'll either have to bang out one of these ideas I've had floating around for years into a full novel, or just accept that it'll never happen. I'm leaning toward the former.

I'm a nerd, though it's something that I've gotten less and less interested in as time has gone on. These days, I mostly just play video games, watch bad sci-fi and horror movies when I've had a couple drinks, and delve into role-playing games with a few internet friends. Though, as much as I do enjoy that last one, that hobby's died off tremendously as college has begun to take up more and more of my time.

My tastes otherwise tend to run toward the strange: I like Islay scotches, filterless cigarettes, loud stompy music, arthouse films, post-modernist literature, and a bunch of things that will no doubt make both those nearest and dearest to me and strangers alike think I'm a complete prick.

And I admit, I feel kind of awkward here, as everyone else who has done this has had issues of their struggles with mental health or their discovery of an alternate sexual identity to write about, and I have none of these. I am a rather boring working-class white boy, all told. I suppose I could whine about crazy exes, some rather shady people I've known in my day, or something similar, but all told, I've been able to either enjoy those experiences, or taking something away from them. Life is interesting. I'll start worrying when it isn't.
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